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Although you will usually earn a lower salary than a patent attorney (experience level being equal), there are many jobs available for patent agents. The main difference is that a patent attorney may also practice in the courts of at least one U.S. state while patent agents may only practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark office (USPTO).

If you are interested in learning the pay range for patent agents please visit our Patent agent salary information page.

Patent attorney recruiter firms will also place patent agents. However, they prefer to work with individuals who have some experience (at least 1-2 years). Therefore, you will likely need to find first patent agent job without the help of a recruiter. Entry level patent agent jobs are not normally available through patent recruiters.

A strong technical background will help you when searching for your first patent agent job. Be sure to convey your strengths in science or engineering in your resume and cover letter when seeking your first job.

If you would like help crafting your resume and cover letter, we strongly recommend Vault's services. In addition to help writing your resume, they can also provide you with career coaching and interview preparation.

Review our patent law job page to find patent agent positions online. You will find sites specializing in listing patent attorney and patent agent positions as well as general job sites. We recommend using both sets of online resources.


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